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🔥New hip-hop full diamond gold braces

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  • Put the white silica gel in the groove of the golden teeth.
  • Put the golden teeth (silver teeth) together with silica gel into 70-80 degrees hot water and soak for about 15-30 seconds to make the silica gel soft.

        (Note, do not use boiling water or boiling water, otherwise it will soak the silica gel and become unusable)

  • Put the gold teeth (silver teeth) into your mouth, and gently bite the alloy teeth with the upper and lower teeth. The soft silica gel is squeezed by the teeth to adjust the shape in the user's mouth, matching with the tooth shape, and playing the role of fixing and shaping.
  • 4. If the shaping effect is not good, you can repeat the shaping until you are satisfied.
  • 5. After each use of the braces, wash them with water and dry them, and save them.